Your partner in complete medical billing and practice administration management.

Are you investing a disproportionate amount of time trying to get medical aid claims processed; spending a considerable amount of income on your accounts department with increasing overhead costs?

We assist to free up your staff for more crucial tasks than tedious billing.

At PracFin, we are dedicated to helping medical practices become more efficient and save time and money, by taking care of your accounts administration.We deal with medical aids and other guarantors on your behalf, from the moment a patient enters your consulting rooms right until you are reimbursed for your services.

We are fully compliant with Phase 4.1 of the new ICD-10 code implementation as required from 1 January 2014

PracFin wants to assist local health care providers reduce billing costs by providing the best flexible, customised and personalised service for medical billing and medical accounts administration.

Our goal is simple - we manage the accounts administrational side of your practice ensuring that accounts are settled in the shortest period of time, relieving you of the hassles and cost burden associated, allowing you to focus on providing quality healthcare.

PracFin is a leading medical billing bureau, providing complete medical billing solutions and practice management.

By adopting efficient and sound business practices, healthcare practitioners can direct their knowledge and energy to the practice of medicine, continuing to guarantee even better quality health care for our families.

With us, you can rest assured that your billing- and claims processing are being taken care of by the experts in the industry, knowing that the best service is a practice and not just a promise.

Our qualified staff, advanced EDI system and highly sophisticated medical billing software, makes Pracfin the obvious choice as the best medical billing bureau!